International Fruit And Soil Assistance

We are an innovative Team which is the best in quality management in fruitgrowing.

our way: PFM (Prime Fruit Management)
our aim: healthy soil arrow_n_blue.gif (117 Byte)  healthy plants arrow_n_blue.gif (117 Byte)  healthy fruit

Our advise starts with an audit of your soils (Brookside BLI-Test).

Perfect nutrition (soil and leaf) and optimum light management will garantee a healthy and productive plant.

arrow_blue.gif (118 Byte) Prime fruit has: more weight; better taste, better colour and longer shelf life.

The amount of top quality fruit will also be higher in your orchard.

Our service includes : newsletters, advice over the phone and visits to your orchard.

Our experience is based on our own production and trading of fruit.

With PFM we are represented on 4 continents.


you can contact us by : IFASA GmbH
Fritz Nüberlin, Catharina Nüberlin

fon.:       (0049) 751 763103
fax:         (0049) 751 6528130
E-Mail:  info@ifasa.de


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